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Culture & Conduct

Culture and conduct are key topics for the FCA. The regulator considers that a healthy culture is a key part of firms achieving the right outcomes for consumers, and for their own staff. There is now more of a focus on personal conduct, with the regulator taking non-financial misconduct just as seriously as it does financial misconduct.


Podcast – Corporate Culture: How to Attain Sustainable Change

Listen below to how companies can effectively measure, monitor, and improve corporate culture in the face of increasing regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, part of our Connected With Latham podcast series.


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March 16, 2023 Resource

Recurrent Themes & Common Drivers of Whistleblows

London partners provide insights, observations, and thought-provoking questions to guide organizations in preventing the root causes of whistleblows, in a piece with Bloomberg.

Organisational Culture & Conduct

The role and expectations of bystander employees: the missing piece of the puzzle?

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We explore whether culture-oriented organisations may be missing an important trick by effectively overlooking the potential real-time interventional role of employees who observe a colleague’s inappropriate behaviour – the so-called employee bystander.

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