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The Book of Jargon Series – Word of the Day®

The Book of Jargon® is a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.

Equity Cure

an infusion of cash from stockholders in exchange for capital stock of the Borrower in order to cure a Financial Covenant Default.

Word of the Day®

Token Velocity

the number of times a Token changes hands during a period of time.

Word of the Day®


located between or among Cells.

Word of the Day®


Full Nodes that perform functionalities such as anonymizing transactions, clearing transactions, and participating in Governance and voting. Masternode owners are financially incentivized with Tokens, but need to commit an initial collateral of Tokens to get started.

Word of the Day®

Redact / Redaction

removing or blocking part of a document to prevent its content from being viewed by others. Information is typically Redacted due to Privilege, Confidentiality, or privacy concerns. Redaction is helpful to guard secrets, such as [REDACTED].

Word of the Day®

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