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February 3, 2023 Article

In the Clamor About Climate Change, Don’t Ignore Natural Capital

This article traces the growth of interest in natural capital, recent developments in nature-related initiatives, and opportunities for companies across multiple industries to prepare for increased scrutiny of their impacts on, and exposure to, nature.
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Preparing for the New Data Privacy Landscape

The Book of Jargon Series – Word of the Day®

The Book of Jargon® is a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.


the wide-ranging variety of life forms that inhabit a particular Habitat or ecosystem. Biodiversity or a lack thereof can have important implications for the health of the world’s ecosystems.

Word of the Day®

Rent Roll

a list of tenants of a Property that typically includes the Rent payable and the expiration date of the Leases.

Word of the Day®

Goxxed / Goxed

to have suffered losses or other ongoing issues due to the failure of Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Mt. Gox. Generally, describes the victims of a Cryptocurrency Exchange that (i) discontinues operations due to technical or system issues, (ii) is forced to shut down, or (iii) files for bankruptcy.

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an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to man-made problems by emulating nature’s patterns and strategies. Biomimicry also occurs naturally in the wild.

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American soft drink with ice cream floating in it, often with whipped cream and a bright red cherry on top. In the corporate world, the name given to taking a company public, “floating” its shares on the applicable stock exchange.

Word of the Day®

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