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Episode 70 — UK FinReg Focus Areas in 2024: Investment Research

January 31, 2024
An anticipated new policy approach aims to give firms greater flexibility to choose how to pay and charge for research.

The UK’s decision to scrap compulsory research unbundling, following the final recommendations of the Investment Research Review, marked one of the most striking developments for financial services firms in 2023. Permitting rebundling across the board with no market capitalisation threshold comes as part of a wider approach to reinvigorate UK capital markets. With the FCA expected to finalise its rule changes by midyear, firms accustomed to the MiFID II rules will need to adapt to the added flexibility regarding how they pay for investment research.

In this episode of Connected with Latham, the latest in a 10-part series complementing Latham’s “10 Key Focus Areas for UK-Regulated Financial Services Firms in 2024” report, partner Rob Moulton talks with Giulia Pecce, Head of MiFID Policy, Research and Wholesale Investor Protection for the Association of Financial Markets in Europe (AFME), about the 2024 outlook for investment research. They discuss whether rule changes will likely be readily workable operationally, how quickly market practice might change, and the impact of EU reforms and US regulation on the UK’s ultimate approach to unbundling.

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