View of London's skyline with The Shard, Tower Bridge and City of London at dusk.

Episode 66 — UK FinReg Focus Areas in 2024: Primary Markets Reform

January 22, 2024
A raft of changes aiming to streamline the UK’s listing regime will attempt to increase investor appeal.

For the last three years, UK regulatory authorities have commissioned an array of reviews and consultations to address friction points in the UK’s primary markets, culminating in reforms to the listing regime scheduled to take place in 2024. In addition to simplifying listing segments, these reforms signal a shift to a more disclosure-based regime, by relaxing eligibility requirements for commercial entities at the point of entry and no longer mandating shareholder votes for a variety of transaction types. The goal of these reforms is to re-establish London as an attractive choice among global listing jurisdictions.

In this episode of Connected With Latham, the first in a 10-part series complementing Latham’s “10 Key Focus Areas for UK-Regulated Financial Services Firms in 2024” report, London partners Rob Moulton and Mark Austin discuss how regulatory reform of the UK’s primary markets became a central priority, why the introduction of more risk will increase the markets’ appeal, and what further changes investors can expect in the coming year.

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