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Latham Named Most Innovative Law Firm in North America

December 6, 2023
Financial Times
Financial Times recognizes the firm’s strengths across metrics that assess legal industry leadership and strategic growth.

Latham & Watkins has been named Most Innovative Law Firm in North America 2023, the highest honor in the annual Financial Times Innovative Lawyers awards. The top ranking corresponds to a cumulative score earned from nominations and survey responses that assess innovation in legal practice, uses of technology, people policies, social responsibility, and financial growth.

According to the Financial Times, Latham “was one of the first US law firms to consciously integrate innovation into its strategic priorities 20 years ago. Its ability to do legal work in new ways, incentivise partners with fairer financial distributions, and empower junior lawyers has contributed to its profitable growth. Increasingly, the more intangible elements of a firm, which Latham & Watkins has long cultivated, will ensure its success: knowledge management and its adeptness at handling change — now including an AI-powered future.”

In addition to the Most Innovative Law Firm award, Latham was also a finalist for four awards including the Most Digital Law Firm honor and three individual awards honoring creative transactional work and uses of technology in practice.

Rich Trobman, Chair and Managing Partner of Latham & Watkins, commented: “Latham’s focus on innovation is a hallmark of our firm, and, along with our collaborative culture and commitment to excellence, has been a key element to our success and growth. We share this award with our clients, who inspire us daily to break new ground and enhance the practice of law in exciting and transformative ways. We work diligently at sustaining and strengthening our culture of innovation, so we are immensely grateful to be recognized by the Financial Times and RSGI in this way.”