A network for growth, opportunity, and advancement

For more than a decade, our Women Enriching Business (WEB) Committee has focused on addressing the business challenges and opportunities unique to women lawyers and current and prospective women clients. The core of WEB’s mission is promote the long-term success of women lawyers and executives around the globe. We are a powerful network for growth, opportunity, and advancement, focused on three objectives: strengthen client relationships, amplify talent, and build diverse teams.

  • Strengthen client relationships: Building strong client relationships remains an essential tenet of WEB's mission. Specifically, WEB provides programming and support to address the specific needs and interests of our female lawyers and clients through numerous networking and growth opportunities as well as initiatives such as Thought Leadership and Women on Boards, dedicated support for female-led client teams, and our marquee event, the Financial Analysis Program.
  • Amplify talent: WEB spotlights achievements and shares experiences within our firm and our broader legal community to amplify female voices. We provide professional development and mentorship opportunities to promote women throughout their careers.
  • Build diverse teams: WEB is an active participant within the firm as we continue to build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the firm.  And, in the legal profession at large, we join efforts by our clients and many others in our community to champion opportunities for women.