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Episode 73 — UK FinReg Focus Areas in 2024: Artificial Intelligence

February 9, 2024
Regulatory scrutiny of AI is expected to increase throughout 2024 and beyond, as the regulators’ approach towards AI becomes clearer.

The coming year looks poised to act as a pivotal junction for the UK financial services regulators in deciding how to approach the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), as the financial services industry sees the continued expansion of AI-related capabilities and use cases. To avoid stifling innovation, the UK government plans to take an “agile and iterative” approach, focusing on regulating harmful uses of AI rather than regulating AI systems as a whole. Yet this stance stands in contrast with more prescriptive approaches taken by the EU and US, requiring firms to carefully consider their use and management of AI. 

In this episode of Connected With Latham, the latest in a 10-part series complementing Latham’s “10 Key Focus Areas for UK-Regulated Financial Services Firms in 2024” report, London partners Rob Moulton and Fiona Maclean speak about the expected regulatory developments addressing artificial intelligence. They discuss the potentially busy year ahead for financial services regulators, the risks firms should consider, and how to navigate differing international approaches to AI.

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