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Value Break: Our Insights on Restructuring Trends and Developments

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Adler: A Spanish Perspective

How would the Spanish court tackle the issues faced by the English Court of Appeal in Adler? Our analysis provides an instructive comparison for groups, shareholders, and creditors when considering where to restructure.

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Directors’ Duties Post-Sequana: More Light at the End of the Tunnel?

A recent decision has helped to frame the tests articulated by the Supreme Court in Sequana.

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Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters? New UK Special Insolvency Regime Is Now on Tap

With the finances of several UK water companies in the headlines, the UK has updated its special administration regime for the water industry to prioritise rescuing water companies as a going concern.

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Restructuring Plans and Tax Liabilities: A More Assertive HMRC

Companies must approach HMRC with suitable care when proposing a restructuring plan, mindful of lessons learned from recent case law.

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