Business towers and Green leaves in Hong Kong

Episode 53 — Energy & Infrastructure: Can Sustainable Finance Fuel the Energy Transition?

August 30, 2023
Sustainable finance’s availability and reputation may offer an attractive financing alternative to finance the energy transition.

As more energy and infrastructure companies commit to sustainability targets amidst the energy transition, sustainable finance options, such as green bonds, increasingly offer a viable alternative to traditional financing for projects across the globe. Still, with enhanced regulatory scrutiny, concerns of greenwashing, and ESG-related litigation, companies considering sustainable finance must pay careful consideration to the structure of their financing instruments.  

On this episode of Connected With Latham, Dubai partner and global coordinator of Latham’s Sustainable Finance Practice, Ed Kempson, speaks with London associate Chidi Onyeche and New York associate Giulia Franzoso about the role sustainable finance can play — and the potential it can unlock — in financing the energy transition.

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