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Latham & Watkins advises Veracyte in the acquisition of HalioDx

Aglobal genomic diagnostics company has reached the terms of an agreement to acquire HalioDx.

Veracyte, Inc, a global genomic diagnostics company has reached the terms of an agreement to acquire HalioDx in a transaction to further accelerate growth and strengthen Veracyte’s global leadership in cancer diagnostics.

HalioDx is an immuno-oncology diagnostics company providing oncologists and drug development organizations with first-in-class diagnostic products and services to guide cancer care and contribute to precision medicine. The company provides a unique range of immune assessment solutions, including its flagship Immunoscore® assay for assessing the immune contexture of a tumor as a key determinant of patients’ outcomes and response to cancer treatments. HalioDx has developed a unique biopharma partnering ecosystem for the identification of clinically relevant biomarker signatures, the demonstration of their utility in clinical trials and the development and commercialization of resulting IVD and companion diagnostic tests. The company operates CLIA-certified laboratories in the United States and France, as well as a manufacturing facility in France that develops, manufactures, and distributes in vitro diagnostic clinical products.

Latham advises Veracyte in the transaction with a Paris corporate team led by Partner Olivier du Mottay with Mayssa Sader and Delphine Van Damme. Partner Eveline Van Keymeulen advises on regulatory aspects, partner Myria Saarinen on Data protection, partner Charles-Antoine Guelluy on Foreign Direct Investment matters and partner Jean-Luc Juhan on IP aspects. Partner Matthias Rubner with Célia Gallo advise on labor law aspects of the transaction.