Latham Named 2019 Cybersecurity & Privacy Group of the Year

January 29, 2020
Honored for banner year securing critical victories on complex data privacy matters with wide-ranging impact.

In recognition of Latham’s successes leading on a number of high-profile and groundbreaking privacy and cybersecurity matters, Law360 named the firm among its 2019 Cybersecurity & Privacy Groups of the Year.

The publication cited Latham’s work defending Facebook against a putative consumer class action which stemmed from a criminal attack on the platform that resulted in the compromise of user data for approximately 29 million people around the world. Eleven lawsuits with 16 plaintiffs asserting 10 different causes of action against Facebook were filed in the US and consolidated in the Northern District of California. As a result of Latham’s multi-pronged motion to dismiss, the court granted Facebook’s motion in large part, narrowing the case to a single named plaintiff pursuing a single cause of action. 

New York Partner Serrin Turner said in the Law360 profile, “Working with Facebook has really enabled us to showcase our unique abilities and strengths and to show how tightly coordinated all of our teams are and provide really unified and consistent advice and representation.” 

Law360 also honored Latham’s work achieving critical victories for Apple, Turn Inc., and LifeLock, as well as the firm’s work in “groundbreaking litigation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, including a trio of constitutional and statutory interpretation challenges that are currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Discussing the Turn and LifeLock matters, Bay Area partner Michael Rubin shared with Law360, “These cases highlighted the well-worn Latham strategy of taking the cards you're dealt, adapting, and moving aggressively to try to get to the end in the most effective way possible.”

In representing Turn, Latham was able to beat back accusations the company placed “zombie” supercookies on Verizon customers’ mobile devices, and for LifeLock, the firm pursued an aggressive discovery strategy to undermine the plaintiffs’ claims that LifeLock’s core identify theft protection product didn’t provide the services it advertised.

Rubin also noted that “2019 was really a watershed year for the practice,” to which Washington, D.C. partner Jennifer Archie added, “We've made a long-term investment to grow the practice,” and that “2019 was the manifestation of that investment in many ways.”

Latham’s Data Privacy & Security Practice delivers rapid global response capabilities on data protection or cybersecurity issues, and develops innovative structures, processes, and arguments to enable global organizations to comply with an increasingly complex, and often conflicting, global regulatory environment.