Oil platform pumping oil out of the ground near Lubbock , Texas in West Texas with wind turbines all around in a huge wind farm one of the worlds largest wind farms in sweet water , Texas

Episode 43 — Energy & Infrastructure: The Drivers and Opportunities of Asia’s Digital Infrastructure Boom

November 1, 2022
With half the world’s population and soon three billion mobile subscribers, the Asia Pacific region is set for long-term growth in digital infrastructure.

Digital infrastructure has become a basic component of all economies, and growth economies in particular. For many countries in Asia, digital infrastructure will drive development as much as power and water supply – particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, which have the potential to be serious players in the global tech industry. What deal structures and investors are now playing in the region’s digital infrastructure development? And what regulatory trends present opportunities going forward?

In this episode of Connected With Latham, we continue our Energy & Infrastructure series with a look at the current and future state of the Asia-Pacific digital infrastructure boom. Singapore partner Don Stokes speaks with fellow Singapore partner James Clayton-Payne and Hong Kong partner Kieran Donovan on the trends they are seeing in the market.

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