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Episode 39 — Healthcare & Life Sciences: Who Is The New FDA Commissioner And What Are His Priorities?

February 15, 2022
Dr. Robert Califf brings industry backing and a keen interest in using real world data to support FDA decision-making, emergency response, and safety monitoring.

Now that the US Senate has confirmed Dr. Robert Califf as Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, a position he held briefly in the Obama Administration, we turn to the priorities and perspective he is likely to bring to the agency. Making big data, including from electronic health records, useful for research and sufficient to support FDA regulatory decision-making emerged as a major theme from Califf’s Senate testimony. How might he employ big data to achieve his stated goals of improving emergency preparedness and response, modernizing the FDA, and ensuring the safety of FDA-regulated products already on the market?

In this episode of Connected With Latham, New York partner Nathan Ajiashvili discusses this question and more with Washington, D.C.-based Healthcare & Life Sciences partners John Manthei, Global Chair of the practice, and Ben Haas, as well as associate Nathan Beaton.

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