microbiological pipette in the genetic laboratory

Episode 21 — Healthcare Tech: How Are Licensing Agreements Bridging the Industry Divide?

March 3, 2021
Healthcare and technology companies looking to partner up will need to consider particular cross-industry IP and regulatory challenges when drafting licensing agreements.

As the healthcare and technology sectors converge to create revolutionary new products and innovations, companies operating in very distinct regulatory and business environments must find ways to adapt and cooperate. When non-registerable IP, such as software and data, feed patented medical inventions to produce personalized medicine, how have licensing agreements evolved to allow for such inventions to be developed and commercialized?

In this episode of Connected With Latham, London partner and Global Vice Chair of the firm’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Group Robbie McLaren, Bay Area partner and Global Vice Chair of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice Judith Hasko, and Bay Area associate Jekkie Kim, discuss how convergence licensing agreements have evolved in the life sciences industry to accommodate the sharing of data and technology, and the new products at the center of these transactions.

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