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Episode 19 — Tech Trends: Copyright & Brexit: How Will Article 15 of the EU Copyright Directive Affect Publishers and Platforms‪?

February 18, 2021
One of the directive’s more controversial provisions requires social media platforms and search engines to compensate news publications. How will this work in practice?

Under Article 15 of the EU’s Copyright Directive, “information society service providers” must compensate “publishers of press publications” for the use of news articles, photos, and video. Translation: social media companies and search engines will need to pay up when users access news through their platforms. Yet, exactly how this transformation of the online news businesses is to take place remains to be seen. Will short excerpts and links count? Can search engines and platforms get around this provision by imposing their own terms? How can publishers begin to take advantage of Article 15?

In this episode of Connected With Latham, London partner Deborah Kirk speaks with Paris partner Adrien Giraud and London associate Elva Cullen about the future of Article 15 and what press publishers and online service providers can do to navigate the changing landscape of online news.

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