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Episode 17 — Copyright & Brexit: Will the UK Copy the EU Directive or Develop Its Own Regime?

January 26, 2021
Platforms hosting a large amount of user-generated content face a diverging landscape in the UK and Europe.

The EU Copyright Directive, now implemented in Europe, did not “break the internet” as some feared, but has been controversial. With the longstop implementation date for EU Member States falling after Brexit, the UK need not and will not implement the directive. What does this mean for the future of copyright law in the UK, and what does the divergence of EU and UK law mean for companies navigating the regulatory landscape?

In this episode of Connected With Latham, Deborah Kirk, London partner and Global Vice Chair of the Technology Industry Group and London associate Elva Cullen discuss the Copyright Directive and the effect Brexit will have on copyright policy in the UK.

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