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Episode 3 — Tech Trends: AI Is Here. Now, Can We Teach the Robots Ethics and Legal Compliance?

July 21, 2020
Key questions for businesses deploying AI to consider, from data privacy to governance.

As we move from the age of AI development to the era of implementation, governments and companies are wrestling with the ethical, legal, and business challenges of deploying AI and machine learning technology in a globally competitive environment. 

In this episode of Connected With Latham, Ben Potter, Global Chair of Latham’s Technology Industry Group and Global Vice Chair of the firm’s Emerging Companies Practice, talks with Bay Area partner Michael Rubin, a leader of the firm’s Data Privacy & Security Practice and Global Vice Chair of Latham’s Technology Industry Group, and recently retired Latham partner Karen Silverman, Founder and CEO of The Cantellus Group, who now consults on these issues. Michael’s and Karen’s practices are at the cutting edge of AI and machine learning, and both have extensive experience helping companies, large and small, successfully navigate this new and fast-developing era.

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