The Book of Jargon®Project Finance

An interactive glossary of acronyms, slang, and industry terminology.

The Book of Jargon® –  Project Finance is one in a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.

The definitions provide an introduction to each term and may raise complex legal issues on which specific legal advice is required. The terms are also subject to change as applicable laws and customary practice evolve. As a general matter, this glossary was drafted from a US practice perspective.

The information contained herein is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. 

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10b-5 Rep,122 Endorsement,363 Sale,Accelerate / Acceleration,Access,Accordion,Account Control Agreement,Account Party,Additional Insured / Additional Named Insured,Administrative Agent / Admin Agent,Administrative Agent Fee,Aeroderivative Gas Turbine,Affiliate,Affirmative Covenant,African Development Bank / AfDB,AGC,Agency Fee,Agent,Allowance for Funds Used During Construction / AFUDC,ALTA,ALTA Survey,American Land Title Association / ALTA,American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) / Stimulus Bill,American Wind Energy Association / AWEA,Ammonia Slip,Amortize / Amortization,Ancillary Services,Applicable Margin,Arbitrate / Arbitration,ARRA,Arrangement Fee,Arranger / Lead Arranger,Array,Article 9,As-Built Survey,Asian Development Bank / ADB,Associated Gas,Assume / Assumption,Attainment,Attornment,Automatic Generation Control / AGC,Automatic Stay,Auxiliary Boiler / Aux Boiler,Availability (Factor),Availability Guarantee,Avian Mortality,Avoidance Action,Avoided Cost,AWEA,Back Leverage,BACT,Balance of Plant / BOP,Balloon Payment,Bank Book,Bankruptcy Remote Vehicle,Bareboat Charter Contract,Bargain Purchase Option,Barrel,Barrel of Oil Equivalent / BOE,Base Case Projections / Base Case Model,Base Rate,Baseball Arbitration,Baseload,Basic Rent,Basic Term / Base Term,Basis Point / bp,Basket,BCF,BCFD,Beneficiary,Best Available Control Technology / BACT,Best Efforts Syndication,BI Insurance,Bilateral Contract,Bilateral Investment Treaty / BIT,Billion Cubic Feet / BCF,Billion Cubic Feet Per Day / BCFD,Binary Cycle,Biofuel,Biomass,Biomass Facility,BIT,Black Liquor,Black Start Capability,Blade / Turbine Blade,BLM,Bloomberg,Blowdown,BOE,Boilerplate,Bond,Bone Dry Ton / BDT,Bonus Depreciation,B-O-O,BOP,Borrower,B-O-T,bp,Breakage Costs,Brent Crude,Brine,British Thermal Unit / Btu,Broken Priority,Brownfield,Btu,Build-out Agreement,Build-Own-Operate / B-O-O,Build-Own-Transfer / B-O-T,Build Transfer Contract,Bullet (Maturity),Bureau of Land Management / BLM,Business Interruption Insurance / BI Insurance,Business MAC,Call Premium,Call Protection,Cap,Cap and Trade,Capacity,Capacity Charge,Capacity Factor,Capital Lease,Capped FMV Lease,Carbon Capture and Storage / CCS,Cash Collateralized Letter of Credit,Cash Flow Available for Debt Service / CFADS,Cash Grant,Cash Market,Cash Sweep,Cash Trap,Casualty Event,Casualty Value,CCS,CDS,CEA,Ceiling,Cellulosic Ethanol,CEMS,Center of Main Interest / COMI,CERCLA,CFADS,CFB Boiler,CFTC,Change of Control,Change Order,Charterparty Contract,CIM,Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler / CFB Boiler,CLA,Class (Lenders),Class (Wind Resource),Class A Interest,Class B Interest,Class Voting,Clawback,Clean Air Act,Clean Renewable Energy Bond / CREB,Cleanup,Clear Market Provision,Close-out Amount,Closing Checklist,Closing Conditions,Closing Conditions Memo / Closing Conditions Letter / CP Memo,Closing Dinner,Closing Instruction Letter,Club (Deal),Coal Seam Methane,COD,Cogeneration,Coinsurance,Collateral,Collateral Agent,Collection System,Combined Cycle,Combined Operating License / COL,Commercial Letter of Credit,Commercial Operation(s) Date / COD,Commissioning,Commitment Fee,Commitment Letter,Commitment Papers,Commodity Exchange Act / CEA,Commodity Futures Trading Commission / CFTC,Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act / CERCLA,Concentrating Photovoltaics / CPV,Concession,Condemnation,Condensate,Condition Precedent / CP,Condition Subsequent,Confidential Information Memorandum / CIM,Confirmation (Bankruptcy),Confirmation (Hedging),Confirming Bank,Consent (to Assignment),Construction Loan,Contiguity,Contingency,Contingent Liability,Continuous Emissions Monitoring System / CEMS,Contract for Differences,Control,Conversion Service,Coordinating Lead Arranger / CLA,Corporate/Commercial and Industrial / C&I,Cost Segregation (Cost Seg) Analysis,Cost-Plus,Co-Tenancy Agreement,Covenant,CP,CPV,Crack Spread,Cracking,CREBs,Credit Agreement,Credit Bid,Credit Default Swap / CDS,Credit Enhancement,Credit Support Annex / CSA,Creeping Expropriation,Criteria Pollutants,Critical Path (Item),Cross-Acceleration,Cross-Default,Crossing Permit,Crude Oil,Crush Spread,CSA,Culm,Cultural Resource Survey,Cure,Currency Swap,Curtail / Curtailment,Cut-In Wind Speed,Cut-Out Wind Speed,Dark Spread,Datedown Endorsement,Deal Creep,Debottlenecking,Debt Service Coverage Ratio / DSCR,Debt Service Reserve / DSR,Debtor in Possession / DIP,Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure / Deed in Lieu,Deed of Trust,Default,Defaulting Lender,Defeased Lease,Deficiency,Delay in Start-Up (DSU) Insurance,Delay LDs,Delivered Ex-Ship / DES,Demand Charge,Demand-Side Management / DSM,Denatured Ethanol,Deposit Account Control Agreement / DACA,Depositary Agreement,Depositary / Depositary Bank,Derivative,Development Finance Institution / DFI,Development Well,DGS,DIP Financing,Direct Agreement,Dirty Hedge,Disclosure Schedules,Disclosure Statement,Dispatch,Dispatchability,Distiller Grain Solubles / DGS,Distributed Generation,Distribution Conditions,Distribution Suspense Account,DNV GL Type Certificate,Documentary Condition,Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act / Dodd-Frank Act,DOE Loan Guarantee,Downstream,Draw,Dried Distiller Grain With Solubles / DDGS,Dry Closing,Dry Steam Geothermal Resource,DSCR,DSM,DSR,Dutch Auction,Early Buyout Option / EBO,Early Site Permit,Easement,ECA,ECCA,ECP,EEI Master Power Purchase and Sale Agreement,EIR,EIS,Eligible Contract Participant / ECP,Eminent Domain,EMIR,Emission Allowance,Emission Offset,Emission Reduction Unit / ERU,Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 / ERISA,Encroachment,Encumbrance,Endorsement,End-User Exception,Energy Information Administration / EIA,Energy Tax Credit,Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Contract) / EPC,Enhanced Oil Recovery / EOR,Environmental Assessment / EA,Environmental Attribute,Environmental Consultant,Environmental Impact Report / EIR,Environmental Impact Statement / EIS,Environmental Protection Agency / EPA,Environmental Site Assessment / ESA,EOR,EPA,EPC,Equator Principles,Equity,Equity Capital Contribution Agreement / ECCA,Equity Free Cash,Equity Squeeze,Exploration & Production / E&P (Company),Erection,ERISA,ERU,ESA,Estimated Ultimate Recovery / EUR,Estimated Useful Life,Estoppel / Estoppel Certificate,Ethanol,EUR,Euribor,Eurodollar,Eurodollar Disaster Clause,European Bank for Reconstruction and Development / EBRD,European Market Infrastructure Regulation / EMIR,Event of Default,Event of Loss,EWG,Excess Cash Flow,Excluded Payment / Excepted Payment,Executory Contract,Exempt Wholesale Generator / EWG,Exploration Drilling / Exploratory Drilling,Exploration Phase,Exploration Well,Export Credit Agency / ECA,Expropriate / Expropriation,Facilities Agreement,Facilities Study,Factored Fired Hours / FFH,Fair Market Value / FMV,Farm-In,Farm-Out,FCM,Feather / Feathering,Federal Energy Regulatory Commission / FERC,Federal Funds,Federal Funds Rate,Federal Power Act / FPA,Fee / Fee Title,Fee Letter,Feed-In Tariff,Feedstock,FERC,Financial Accounting Standards No. 13 / FAS 13,Financial Closing,Financial Covenant,Financial (or Finance) Lease,Financial Power Swap,Financing Agreement,Financing Statement,Finding of No Significant Impact / FONSI,Firm,Fitch Ratings / Fitch,Fixed Price Purchase Option,Fixture,Fixture Filing,Flex,Flip Structure,Float,Floating Storage and Regasification Unit / FSRU,Flood Certificate,Flood Insurance,Flood Zone,Floor,Flow-Down Terms,FMV,FMV Lease,FOB,FONSI,Force Majeure,Forced Outage,Foreclose / Foreclosure,Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act / FATCA,Foreign Corrupt Practices Act / FCPA,Foreign Exchange / FX,Foreign Exchange Risk / FX Risk,Foreign Tax Credit,Forward,FPA,Fracking,Fractures / Fracture Networks / Fracturing,Frame Unit,Fraudulent Transfer,Free Cash,Free on Board / FOB,Front-End Engineering and Design / FEED,Fronting Bank,Fronting Fee,Full Notice to Proceed,Full Payout Lease,Funds Flow Memorandum,Futures,Futures Commission Merchant / FCM,Futures Margin,FX,FX Risk,Gap (Title) Coverage,Gas-to-Liquid / GTL,Gen-Tie Line,GHG,Good Standing (Certificate),Good Times Sweep,Gray Market,Green Bank,Green Tag,Greenfield,Greenhouse Gas,Grid,Grid Pricing,Ground Lease,GTL,Guarantee,Guarantor,Haircut,Hard Costs,Hard Call,Hazardous Material (HazMat) / Hazardous Substance,HazMat,Head Lease,Head,Heat Rate,Heat Recovery Steam Generator / HRSG,Hedge,Hedge Bank,Hedge Provider,Heliostat,Hell or High Water Clause,HGA,High Voltage Direct Current / HVDC,Hog Fuel,Hold,Horizontal Axis,Host Government Agreement / HGA,HRSG,Hub,Hydraulic Fracturing,Hydrocarbon,ICA,ICC Arbitration,IDC,IE,IECA,IFC,IM,Imperfect Hedge,Impoundment,Improvement,In and Out Cost,Incoterms,Incumbency Certificate,Incurrence Covenant,Indenture,Independence Principle,Independent Amount,Independent Consultant,Independent Director,Independent Engineer,Independent Power Producer / IPP,Independent System Operator / ISO,Index / Indices,Initial Margin / IM,Injection Well,Insolation,Insurance Broker,Insurance Certificate,Insurance Consultant,Intake Structure,Integrated Resource Plan / IRP,Interconnection Agreement,Interconnection Point,Intercreditor Agent,Intercreditor Agreement,Interest During Construction / IDC,Interest Period,Interest Rate Cap,Interest Rate Collar,Interest Rate Floor,Interest Rate Swap,Interim Rent,Interim Term,Intermittent / Intermittency (Variability),International Energy Credit Association / IECA,International Finance Corporation / IFC,International Swaps and Derivatives Association / ISDA,Interruptible,In-the-Money,Inverter,Investment Company Act of 1940 / ICA / ’40 Act,Investment Grade,Investment Tax Credit / ITC,Investor-Owned Utility / IOU,IPP,Ipso Facto Clause,IRP,ISDA,ISDA Definitions,ISDA Master Agreement,ISDA Protocol,ISDA Schedule,ISO,Issuer,Issuing Bank,ITC,JLA,Joint Lead Arranger / JLA,Judgment Currency,Kilowatt / kW,Kilowatt-hour / kWh,Knowledge Qualifier,Know Your Customer / KYC,Known Geothermal Resources Area / KGRA,Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc. / Kroll,KYC,Land Man,Landfill Gas / LFG,Large Generator Interconnection Agreement / LGIA,Last Twelve Months / LTM,Lateral,Lattice Tower,LC Fee,LC Loan,LDs,Lead Arranger,League Table,Lease / Leasehold,Lease Intended as Security,Lease Purchase,Lease Schedule,Leasehold Loan,Leasehold Mortgage / Leasehold Deed of Trust,Left Side / Left Lead,Legal Entity Identifier / LEI,LEI,Lender Protective Provisions,Lessor’s Cost,Lessor’s Estoppel,Lessor’s Lien,Letter of Credit / LC / LOC,Letter of Intent,Leveraged Lease,LGIA,LIBOR,Lien,Lien Waiver,Limitation of Liability / LOL,Limited Notice to Proceed / LNTP,Limited Recourse Financing,Limited Use Property,Liquefaction,Liquefied Natural Gas / LNG,Liquefied Petroleum Gas / LPG,Liquidated Damages / LDs,LLCR,LNG,LNTP,Load,Load Curve / Load Graph,Load Factor,Load Stack,Loan Certificate,Loan Life Cover Ratio / LLCR,Loan Market Association / LMA,Loan Participant,Loan Syndication and Trading Association / LSTA,Local Distribution Company / LDC,LOL,London Interbank Offered Rate / LIBOR,Long Term Service Agreement / LTSA,Loss Payee,Low Floater,Low Flow Line of Credit,Lowest Achievable Emission Rate / LAER,LPG,LSTA,LTM,LTSA,MAC,MACRS,MACT,MAE,MAE Qualifier,Maintenance Covenant,Maintenance Margin,Makeup Well,Make-Whole (Payment),Mandatory Prepayment,Margin (as in On the Margin),Margin (as in Spread),Margin Call,Margin Stock,Margining,Mark-to-Market / MTM,Market Flex,Market MAC,Market Study,Master Agreement,Master Lease,Match Fund / Match Funding,Material Adverse Change / MAC,Material Adverse Effect / MAE,Materiality Qualifier,Maturity / Maturity Date,Maximum Achievable Control Technology / MACT,Mechanical Completion,Mechanic’s Lien / Materialman’s Lien,Mediation,Megawatt / MW,Megawatt-hour / MWh,Membership Interest Purchase Agreement / MIPA,Memorandum of Understanding / MOU,Merchant Facility,Met Tower,Meteorological Tower / Met Tower,Milestone,Million Tonnes Per Annum / MTA / MTPA,Mineral Rights,Mini-Perm,MIPA,Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System / MACRS,Module,Moody’s Investors Service, Inc. / Moody’s,Mortgage,Mortgage Recording Tax,Mortgage-Style,Mortgagee Protective Provisions,MOU,MSW,MTA,MTM,MTPA,Multilateral,Multilateral Credit Agency,Multilateral Investment Treaty,Municipal Solid Waste / MSW,Mutatis Mutandis,MW,MWh,NAAQS,Nacelle,NAESB Base Contract for Sale and Purchase of Natural Gas,Nameplate Capacity,National Ambient Air Quality Standards / NAAQS,National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants / NESHAP,National Environmental Policy Act / NEPA,National Pollution Discharge Elimination System / NPDES,National Renewable Energy Laboratory / NREL,Native Load,Natural Gas Act / NGA,NDA,Negative Arbitrage,Negative Covenant,Negative Pledge,Negawatt,NEPA,NESHAP,Net Lease,Net Metering,Net Payment,Net Proceeds,New Source Performance Standards / NSPS,New York Convention,NGA,NIMBY,No-Build Restriction,No-Hazard Determination,Non-Attainment,Non-Call,Non-Call Period,Non-Disclosure Agreement / NDA,Non-Recourse Financing,Non-Severable Modification,Not in My Backyard / NIMBY,Note,Notice to Proceed / NTP,Notional Amount / Notional Quantity,NPDES,NREL,NSPS,NTP,O&M Agreement,OECD Guidelines,OFAC,Off-Balance Sheet Financing,Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury / OFAC,Off-Peak,Offshore Wind,Offtake Agreement,Offtaker,One Action Rule / One Form of Action Rule,On-Peak,OpCo,Open Access,Open and Close Costs,Open Season,Operating Company / OpCo,Operating Lease,Operation & Maintenance Agreement / O&M Agreement,OPIC,Option,Org ID Number,Original Gas-in-Place (OGIP) / Original Oil-in-Place (OOIP),Out-of-the-Money,Overriding Royalty,Overseas Private Investment Corporation / OPIC,Owner Participant,Owner Trust Agreement,Owner Trustee,Owner’s Affidavit,P99, P50, etc.,Panels,Par / Par Value,Parasitic Load,Pari Passu,Paris Climate Agreement / Paris Accord,Participation,Participation Agreement,Partnership Flip,Payment-in-Kind / PIK,Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Agreement,Peak,Peak Demand / Peak Load,Peak Shaving,Peaker / Peaking Unit,Penstock,Perfect / Perfection,Perfection Certificate,Performance Bond,Performance LDs,Performance Tests,Permit to Operate / PTO,Permitted Lien,Personal Property Security Act / PPSA,Petition Date,Petroleum Coke / Pet Coke,Phase I ESA,Phase II ESA,Photovoltaic / PV,Piercing the Corporate Veil / Piercing,Pig,PIK,PILOT Agreement,Placed in Service (Date),Plan of Reorganization,Pledge Agreement,Pledgor,PM10 / PM10,POD,Point of Delivery / POD,Political Risk Insurance / PRI,Polychlorinated Biphenyls / PCBs,Possible Reserves,Potentially Responsible Party / PRP,Power Curve,Power Market Study,Power of Attorney,Power Pool,Power Purchase Agreement / PPA,Power Tower,PPA,PPSA,Precautionary Filing,Precedent Agreement,Preferential Transfer,Preliminary Title Report / PTR,Prepayment Premium,Present Value,Prevention of Significant Deterioration / PSD,PRI,Pricing Flex,Primary Obligor,Primavera,Prime,Private Lender,Privatize / Privatization,Pro Forma Title Policy,Probable Reserves,Production Tax Credit / PTC,Production Well,Project Costs,Project Documents,Project Finance / Project Financing / PF,PropCo,Property Company / PropCo,Proved Undeveloped Reserves / PUDs,Proven Reserves,PRP,Prudency Review,Prudent Industry Practice,PSA,PSC,PSD,PTC,PTO,PTR,Public Lender,Public/Private Information Undertaking,Public Service Commission / PSC,Public Utility Commission / PUC,Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005 / PUHCA,Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 / PURPA,PUC,PUD,PUHCA,Pumped Storage,Punchlist / Punch List,Purchase and Sale Agreement / PSA,PURPA,PURPA Put,Put Right,PV,QA,QC,QECB,QF,Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds / QECBs,Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credits,Qualifying Facility / QF,Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC),Queue Sitter / Queue Sitting,Radial Line,Ramp Rate,Rate Base,Rate Case,Rated Wind Speed,Ratepayer,Rating Agency,RCRA,RDF,Reactive Power,Real Estate Investment Trust / REIT,Real Estate Owned / REO,REC,Recapture,Receptor (Noise or Odor),Refuse-Derived Fuel / RDF,Regional Transmission Operator / RTO,Reg-Out (Clause),Regulations T, U, and X,Reimbursement Agreement,Reinsurance,Reject / Rejection,Release,Reliable / Reliability,Remarket / Remarketing,Remedial Plan,Remediate / Remediation,Removal Unit / RMU,Renewable Electricity Standard / RES,Renewable Energy,Renewable Energy Credit / Renewable Energy Certificate (REC),Renewable Portfolio Standard / RPS,Repatriation Risk,Repower / Repowering,Representation and Warranty,Repricing,Request for Proposal / RFP,Required Lenders,Requirements Contract,RES,Reserve Margin,Reserves,Reservoir,Residual Value,Resiliency,Resource Conservation and Recovery Act / RCRA,Restoration Plan,Retainage,Revenue Decoupling,Revolving Facility / Revolver,Revolving Loan,RFP,Right of Way / ROW,Right-Way Risk,Riparian Rights,RMU,Root,Rotor,ROW,Royalty,Royalty Interest,RPS,RTO,Rule 10b-5 Representation / 10b-5 Rep,Run of the River,Runaway Turbine,Running With the Land,S&P,Sale-Leaseback,Sanction,SCADA,SCR,SDN List,SEC,Secondary Syndication,Secured Parties,Securities Account Control Agreement,Securities and Exchange Commission / SEC,Security Agreement,Security-Based Swap,Security Interest,Selective Catalytic Reduction / SCR,Separateness,Serial Defect,Setback,Setoff / Set-off,Settlement Amount,Severable Modification,SGIA,Shared Facilities Agreement,Shoulder Period,Sight Draft,Simple Cycle,Single Investor Lease,SIP,Site Control,Skim,Slug,Slugcatcher,Small Generator Interconnection Agreement / SGIA,Smart Grid,SNDA,Soft Call,Soft Costs,Solar Farm,Solar Thermal,Solid Waste Disposal Facility,Solvency,Solvency Certificate,Sovereign Immunity,Spark Spread,SPE,Special Purpose Entity (SPE) / Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV),Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List / SDN List,Spinning Reserve,Sponsor,Spot Market,Spot Price,Spread,Spudding In,SPV,Squeeze Protection,Stabilization,Stalking Horse Bidder,Standard & Poor’s / S&P,Standby Letter of Credit,Standstill,Staple Financing,Stated Amount,State Implementation Plan / SIP,Steam Host,Steam Turbine Generator / STG,Step-In Rights,STG,Stipulated Loss Value,Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan / SWPPP,Stranded Cost,String,Structural Subordination,Structure Flex,Stuffee,Subdivision,Subordinate / Subordination,Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement / SNDA,Subrogate / Subrogation,Substantial Completion,Substantive Consolidation,Subsurface Risk,Successful Syndication,Supermajority Vote,Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / SCADA,Supplemental Rent,Survey,Swap,Swap Provider,Swap (Regulatory),Swaption,Swept Area,SWPPP,Synchronization,Syndicate / Syndication,Syndication Agent,Synthetic Letter of Credit,System Impact Study,Take-or-Pay Contract,Target Balance Sweep,Target Cost Contract,Target Hold,Tariff,Tax Equity,Tax Equity Investor,Tax Lease,Tax Termination,Taxpayer ID Number,Technical Field Advisor / TFA,Tenor,Term Conversion,Term Loan,Term Loan A,Term Loan B,Term Sheet,Termination Value,TFA,Thermal Host,Thin Film PV,Third Party Beneficiary,Tied Financing,Time Charter Party Contract,Time of Use (TOU) Metering,Tipping Fee,Title,Title Company / Title Insurer,Title Insurance / Title Insurance Policy,T-Line,Toller,Tolling Agreement,Tonne,Tower,Tracer Test,Tracking Account,Trade Letter of Credit,Trailing Twelve Months / TTM,Train,Tranche,Transmission Consultant,Transmission Line / T-Line,Trash to Cash,Tree,Triple Net Lease,True Lease,True Sale,Trust Agreement,Trust Deed,Trust Indenture,Trustee,TSA,Turbine Blade,Turbine Island,Turbine Supply Agreement / TSA,Turnkey Contract,Two-Meter Test,UCC,UCC-1,UCC Collateral,UNCITRAL,UNCITRAL Arbitration,Underground Storage Tank / UST,Underwrite / Underwriting,UNFCCC,Uniform Commercial Code / UCC,Unit Contingent,United Nations Commission on International Trade Law / UNCITRAL,United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change / UNFCCC,Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 / USA Patriot Act,Unitize / Unitization,Upfront Fee,Upstream,Upwind Array Event,USA Patriot Act,Useful Life,UST,Usury / Usurious,Usury Savings Clause,Variable-Pitch WTG,Variable Rate Debt Obligation / VRDO,Variable-Speed WTG,Variation Margin / VM,Vertical Axis,VM,VOC,Volatile Organic Compounds / VOC,Volumetric Production Payment / VPP,Voluntary Prepayment,VPP,VRDO,Waiver of Subrogation,Wake,Warehouse Facility,Waste Coal,Waterfall,WDGS,Wet Distiller Grain Solubles / WDGS,Wheeling,Wildcat,Wind Power Density,Wind Turbine Generator / WTG / Wind Turbine,Windfarm,Withdrawal Certificate,Working Capital,Working Group List / WGL,Working Interest,World Bank,World Trade Organization (WTO),WTG,Wrap,Wrong-Way Risk,Yank-a-Bank,Yaw,Yieldco,Zoning,Lender,Title Insurance Commitment,UCC-3