Latham’s cross-disciplinary energy tech team guides private emerging and growth companies that develop innovations to transform and service the energy industry, including representing companies and investors in all stages of fundraising, commercial transactions, project finance, tax, and environmental matters, as well as any additional legal needs of high growth companies in the energy space.

Energy tech companies innovate relentlessly to create competitive advantages across the energy supply chain. The energy tech sector leverages advanced technology and scientific breakthroughs, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain protocols, as well as cutting-edge industrial technologies, to create efficiencies across energy markets, from oil and gas to renewables to low-carbon fuels. The sector’s rapid growth draws together tech-focused founders and investors, traditional energy market investors, and private capital providers to create a dynamic, yet highly complex deal environment.

Latham brings unparalleled experience across the industries, capital structures, and legal disciplines that converge around energy tech transactions. Latham draws on its deep and broad experience guiding emerging companies and their financial institution partners from formation through venture and growth financings, to an M&A or IPO transaction, and beyond. Additionally, we leverage our market-leading experience advising on traditional and renewable energy, and energy transition matters, to help energy tech innovators take maximum advantage of the tax, financing, and commercial opportunities unique to the energy sector. Our highly experienced and industry leading private capital platform supports the cutting-edge financing transactions often needed in the fast-changing energy tech space.

We advise the full spectrum of the energy tech sector, from developers of photocatalytic reactors designed to electrify chemical manufacturing, to providers of energy storage systems that enable a reliable, fully renewable electric grid, and software companies serving the energy industry writ large. We work with developers of vehicle-to-grid bidirectional chargers as well as providers of staffing and subcontracting services for the energy industry. Additionally, we serve operators of sustainable financial platforms that help consumers and businesses meet carbon neutrality goals.

As a result of our market-leading experience in venture and private capital, technology and energy and infrastructure industries, and the capital markets, corporate, tax and tax equity, regulatory, environmental, and project finance disciplines, Latham is well positioned to handle the most novel, sophisticated, and transformative energy tech transactions.

Latham’s cross-disciplinary energy tech team guides the innovative companies and investors transforming the energy sector.