Yuan, Shuai

Shuai Yuan

Senior Analyst, Intellectual Property and Technology

Dr. Shuai Yuan, a senior analyst in the Intellectual Property Litigation Practice, delivers technical insights and analysis to clients on a variety of technology patent matters.

Dr. Yuan provides scientific insight for intellectual property matters involving electrical engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications, and biomedical engineering, drawing on his knowledge and experience as a former scientific researcher and engineer. His work on behalf of clients includes performing patent analyses regarding validity and infringement, reviewing and interpreting technical documents and source code, searching and analyzing prior art references, and testing accused products.

Dr. Yuan has helped mobile device makers, wireless communications providers, automobile manufacturers, medical device companies, and software companies with a focus on IP matters involving:

  • Biomedical devices
  • Communication and security
  • Computer graphics hardware
  • Database
  • Feature detection/recognition
  • Image processing
  • Internet
  • Optical engineering
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Signal processing
  • Wireless communications

Dr. Yuan offers clients an extensive background in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and telecommunications. Prior to joining Latham, he researched innovative imaging technologies and developed the hardware, firmware, and software of cutting-edge imaging devices at several institutes, including the University of Memphis, the University of Maryland, and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Yuan’s experience in intellectual property matters includes advising on technical matters for a:

  • Computer graphics hardware company in an eight-patent suit involving various semiconductor technologies, including fabrication, memory controllers, and SDRAMs. By the time of trial, only three patents remained. The judge declared a mistrial regarding two of the remaining patents, and the jury found the final patent not infringed.
  • Data storage company in a nine-patent case involving two jurisdictions. The case settled favorably for the company after the opposing party’s patents were invalidated in inter partes review proceedings.
  • Wireless communications technique-developing company in a four-patent case relating to 3G wireless, WiFi, and LTE devices, against three major device manufacturers.
  • Camera software company in an eight-patent case related to face recognition, tracking, and photo adjustment technology used in camera phones.


  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University, 2008
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, Tufts University, 2001
  • BS in Physics, Fudan University, 1996