Le, Sang

Sang Le

Chief Officer - Real Estate & Workplace Experience

Sang Le, Latham’s Chief Real Estate & Workplace Experience Officer, leads the firm’s global efforts to develop cutting-edge workplace environments that support clients and the Latham workforce.

Mr. Le heads a department significantly reimagined to support hybrid working; bringing together people, space, and technology to foster hybrid work environments and support individuals’ positive experiences of work. Specifically he oversees:

  • Real estate strategy
  • Workplace design
  • Operational facilities support

He managed the launch of Latham’s innovative support office in Manchester, and draws on lessons from that experience to incorporate modern and sustainable space design concepts throughout the firm’s global footprint. Mr. Le has helped reshape the department structure to facilitate responsive decisions on workplace-related issues, building versatility into teams in order to embrace the evolving challenges and opportunities of hybrid work while maintaining the firm’s global operations.

Mr. Le joined Latham in 2007 as a senior financial analyst and has served as finance manager, head of global service, real estate director, and deputy chief, before becoming Chief Real Estate Officer in 2019. He previously worked with the economics consulting firm Micronomics, and as an associate at PwC.