Mendoza, Rene

Rene Mendoza

Chief Information Officer

Rene Mendoza, Chief Information Officer, oversees the firm’s strategy for technology, mobility, cybersecurity, information governance, and innovation.

Mr. Mendoza, as both a technologist and a leader, drives the firm’s market-leading technology program related to:

  • Front-end technology
  • Back-end servers, data centers, support, and security
  • Custom software development
  • Practice, courtroom, and event technology support
  • AI, new technologies, and innovation

He has helped Latham enhance client service by welcoming successive waves of technology — from the early days of the internet and VoIP, to cloud-based computing, AI-enhanced services, mobility and global hybrid work environments. He has built a powerhouse department that supports a standards-based, common platform across all of Latham’s offices, with a team that self-maintains a continually evolving service offering.

Mr. Mendoza joined Latham in 1997 as a senior manager, following positions at Disney and with technology consulting firms. He was named Deputy Chief Information Officer in 2017, and has been the firm’s CIO since 2021.