Garrett Long is a member of the Litigation & Trial Department. The focus of Mr. Long’s trial practice has been on general business litigation at both the trial and appellate level, with an emphasis on corporate litigation. His experience includes the defense of numerous public and private companies in major, multi-plaintiff or class action lawsuits alleging product liability, securities violations, employment matters and exposures to hazardous substances from soil, groundwater and airborne contamination.

Among the clients Mr. Long has represented in multiple, complex litigations in recent years are Chevron, US Bank, Navistar International Corporation, Southern California Edison and the National Football League Players Association.

Mr. Long's recent experience includes representation of:

  • Leading gold mining producer in an international arbitration from claims resulting from a mercury spill in Peru
  • Southern California Edison in prosecuting an international arbitration claim against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries relating to the defective production and installation of replacement steam generators at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California: Southern California Edison, et al. v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Cobasys LLC through its investor, Chevron, in a series of disputes related to hybrid battery production that culminated in a three-day trial in the Northern District of Alabama: Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. v. Cobasys, LLC
  • Chevron in the “Hot Fuels” cases, a series of purported class action claims for damages and injunctive relief filed against more than one hundred motor fuel refiners and retailers throughout the country. Chevron recently was awarded summary judgment in the three class action California cases
  • Fluor Corporation in Missouri state court against a series of companies relating to responsibility for a multimillion-dollar jury award issued against Fluor regarding alleged lead contamination
  • National Football League Players Association’s (NFLPA) in a high-profile case against the National Football League (NFL): White v. NFL (TV Revenues), 766 F. Supp. 2d 941, (D. Minn. 2011). Sports Illustrated declared it a “major victory,” American Lawyer and Sports Business Daily titled it a “big win,” and the New York Times reported the victory was “critical” to the NFLPA
  • Target advisor in a three-day trial relating to the groundbreaking M&A dispute between a leading global equipment rental company and a private investment firm involving the interplay between a specific performance provision and a break-up fee
  • Nalco Corporation, the supplier of the chemical dispersant used to treat the oil flowing from the Deepwater Horizon during the Gulf of Mexico spill, in its successful defense of claims in the Louisiana Multi District Litigation. At the time, Nalco was the only responder defendant to be dismissed from the litigation

Bar Qualification

  • Illinois


  • JD, University of Michigan Law School, 2006
  • BA, Yale University, 2003