Elisabetta Righini advises leading multinational companies on European law, with a focus on EU regulation and litigation in the market’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, on State aid, and on FSR.

Ms. Righini draws on more than 25 years of experience, including 15 years in high-level positions at the European Commission, and her creative approach helps clients navigate complex regulatory frameworks in Europe, particularly involving:

  • EU technology and AI regulation
  • State aid matters
  • Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) compliance
  • Regulation of network industries, such as transport and energy

She regularly advises digital platforms and media services on developments in the EU Digital Single Market — including in connection with the Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act, and AI Act — and represents them in front of EU institutions and courts in relation to compliance or investigations.

Ms. Righini also guides companies, industry associations, and public authorities on State aid and FSR compliance, including in filings, complaints and investigations at the European Commission, and litigation before the European courts.

While at the European Commission, Ms. Righini worked as a member of its Legal Service and then as a legal advisor to former Competition Commissioner and Vice President Joaquín Almunia. She leverages her longstanding legal practice and in-depth understanding of the European Commission’s policy and enforcement when helping clients craft their legal strategy in Europe. Over the years, she has become a trusted and strategic advisor to many of her clients on their most critical issues, including European regulatory compliance.

Ms. Righini also has extensive experience as a litigator, having appeared before the European Court of Justice in over 100 cases relating to a variety of EU issues, such as State aid, external relations, anti-dumping, network industries, and fiscal matters. She has also appeared before the World Trade Organization in over 20 cases relating to sanitary and phytosanitary measures, genetically modified organisms, subsidies, tariffs and non-tariffs, barriers, and telecoms.

A recognized leader within the firm, Ms. Righini is the local chair of Latham’s Women Enriching Business (WEB) Committee and Pro Bono Committee as well as a member of the Diversity Leadership Committee.

She is a visiting professor at the Centre of European Law of Kings College’s Dickson Poon School of Law in London and a member of its advisory board.

A selection of Ms. Righini’s experience includes advising:

EU Tech and AI Regulation

  • A gatekeeper company on the Digital Markets Act, from legislation phase to designation, including the impact of compliance on its business model, representation in an engagement with European Commission, and litigation strategy
  • A technology company on the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act, and their impact on the client’s business model
  • A technology company on compliance with the Digital Services Act for a number of its services, including cloud, gaming, and messaging
  • A company on its internal policies for using AI
  • A technology company on antitrust and regulatory policy developments at the EU and Member State level, as well as advocacy and compliance strategy
  • An OTT provider on rights and obligations deriving from existing EU and Member State regulation, as well as on the changes foreseen by the Digital Single Market proposals
  • A multimedia messaging application on EU regulatory developments in connection with the EU Directive for Copyright in the Digital Single Market
  • An online retail platform on implementing the EU regulation on platform-to-business relations
  • A mobility platform on its business model’s compliance with EU law, developing a compliance strategy, and advocacy with EU institutions
  • A number of online audiovisual services providers on conformity with EU regulatory and competition law of measures adopted by the Member States to implement the AVMS Directive

State Aid and FSR Compliance

  • Three Lithuanian energy-intensive users in their State aid complaint to the European Commission against Lithuanian electricity regulations
  • An energy company on its defense in relation to European Commission investigation into compensation for environmental damages
  • A global technology company on compliance with the EU FSR
  • A steel production company preparing compliance with the EU FSR and filing a public procurement notification
  • A medical technology manufacturer on compliance with the EU FSR substantive provisions and successful filing of two public procurement notifications
  • A global technology company on compliance with the EU FSR and filing a public procurement notification
  • A major European rail company on public financing of local transport services
  • An advertising company on a Commission’s State aid investigation into the public service compensation it receives to manage the city’s public bike system
  • A digital broadcaster on State aid and regulatory measures adopted at national level and their conformity with EU law

Other EU regulatory matters and trade

  • An international airline on its compliance with EU aviation and sustainability regulation 
  • An international airline on Brexit’s consequences for its business model and on interactions with the European Commission during EU-UK withdrawal negotiations 
  • A producer of aluminum parts on EU customs classification
  • Two European standardization bodies on the legal and public policy aspects of the development and adoption of standards
  • A petrochemical company on EU legal and policy initiatives in the context of the European Strategy for Plastics


  • A confidential client on its appeal of a European Commission decision in the State aid investigation regarding Belgian corporate tax sweeteners and in its intervention in related pilot cases at the European Court of Justice
  • Three Lithuanian energy-intensive users in their successful appeal before the General Court, and in preliminary rulings before the European Court of Justice in connection with Lithuanian electricity regulations’ conformity with EU State aid and energy directives
  • An energy company on the interplay of EU law and international arbitration in relation to cases at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • Harley Davidson in an appeal before the CJEU against a General Court judgement upholding a Commission decision against Belgium on determination rules of origin following the imposition by the EU of retaliatory tariffs
  • A provider of satellite services in multiple EU jurisdictions in disputes regarding the tender process for in-flight broadband connectivity, including in an appeal before the EU General Court and in negotiations with governments and national regulators responsible for spectrum allocation and the European Commission

Bar Qualification

  • Brussels Bar - E List
  • Italy (Avvocato)


  • LL.M - International Business Law, University College London
    with merit
  • Law Degree, Università degli Studi di Firenze

Languages Spoken

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish