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Press Release

Latham’s Response to the Rise in Racism and Violence Toward Asians and Asian Americans

March 19, 2021
We unequivocally denounce racism and violence in all its forms.

We are appalled and saddened by the prevalence of xenophobia, hate crimes, and violence against our Asian American communities. Since the onset of the pandemic, anti-Asian violence around the world has risen. The recent mass shooting near Atlanta, Georgia, is but one shocking reminder of the reach and impact of race- and gender-based hatred at a time that calls for unity and healing. 

The Latham community unequivocally condemns these attacks and racism and violence in all its forms. As advocates for justice, we have a unique responsibility to advance racial justice and equality, and will continue to actively support all communities affected by racism, through our pro bono work, and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

Rich Trobman, Chair and Managing Partner, and Kem Ihenacho, Chair of the Diversity Leadership Committee