For Tenth Consecutive Year, Silicon Valley Partner Honored Among Top IP Lawyers in California

March 20, 2020
Doug Lumish selected by the Daily Journal for his stellar year securing critical litigation victories across multiple venues for the world’s top innovators.

Vice Chair of Latham’s Litigation & Trial Department, Doug Lumish has again been named a Top Intellectual Property Lawyer by the Daily Journal, California’s legal newspaper of record. Marking a decade of inclusion on this elite honor roll of West Coast IP litigators, Lumish was specifically celebrated for his work in “market-shaping disputes” concerning the autonomous vehicle industry. 

As noted in the Daily Journal’s profile, Lumish achieved a series of successes for Velodyne Lidar, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of a key component of autonomous vehicles, Light Detection and Radar (Lidar) sensors, in patent infringement litigation against a competitor. Following a significant district court victory, Lumish lead a Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) trial and obtained a complete win for Velodyne with the validity of every claim affirmed by the PTAB, preserving Velodyne’s seminal patent concerning the use of Lidar for autonomous vehicles. 

“These technologies are on the bleeding edge of changing the world,” Lumish told the Daily Journal, “so it’s fun for me. When you try to explain it all to a jury, the storytelling aspect of litigation takes over.”