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Press Release

Announcing Virtual Experience Programs

October 24, 2019
Forage’s virtual experience programs help law students gain real-world experience.

We are excited to announce two Virtual Experience Programs (VEPs) with Forage1, an innovative, open-access platform that connects students with companies and law firms.

VEP participants complete an online training program, which allows them to receive feedback on simulated legal tasks and gain real-world experience. In addition to the opportunity to undertake legal work, participants will learn more about life at Latham.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions VEP takes participants through a high-stakes transaction, from reviewing a nondisclosure agreement to offering urgent advice to shareholders.

Our White Collar Defense & Investigations VEP lets participants identify relevant documents using search terms, prepare for a witness interview, and perform other tasks related to a white collar criminal investigation.

Participants will enhance their skills, increase their employability, and develop tools to poise them for quick success. Register now

“As part of our efforts to recruit the best and brightest legal talent, we’re committed to developing and exploring cutting-edge platforms and technology,” said Abid R. Qureshi, Chair of the Recruiting Committee. “Our Virtual Experience Programs with Forage will help law students get a sense of what life is like at a global law firm.”

Notes to Editors

When this program was launched our partner was known as InsideSherpa, they have since changed their name to Forage. This announcement has been updated to reflect the current name.