Firm Honored for Work on Behalf of Kids in Need

May 8, 2017
Pro bono client KIND bestows Allegiance Award.

Since 2014, lawyers across our offices in the United States have offered pro bono counsel to unaccompanied children seeking legal status in the United States, taking on more than 40 matters. In recognition of our efforts, the firm received the Allegiance Award from Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) at its 2017 Coming Together for Children Alone Annual Gala.

Among other efforts, KIND recruits and mentors pro bono counsel for children, including children fleeing violence, persecution, or trafficking, and children who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. These children need legal representation in order to obtain legal status in the United States, where they have sought safety and shelter.

“KIND is a tremendous advocate for children in need,” said Wendy Atrokhov, Latham’s Public Service Counsel and Director of Pro Bono. “We thank KIND for this award, and we thank them for the amazing, frontline work they do for a very vulnerable, very deserving population.”