New York Of Counsel Wins Achievement Award

October 19, 2016
The Fortune Society
Judge Jonathan Lippmann is recognized for his commitment to increasing access to justice.

Judge Jonathan Lippman, of counsel in the New York office, received the 2016 David Rothenberg Achievement Award from the Fortune Society, an organization that supports successful reentry from, and promotes alternatives to, incarceration. This award recognizes those whose “extraordinary achievements … champion a fairer justice system,” and the judge was lauded for strengthening the criminal defense system in New York over more than 40 years of service.

In his long career on the bench, Judge Lippman worked tirelessly to ensure equal access to justice for all, and his dedication to pro bono has continued since he joined Latham in January 2016. Currently he serves as chairman of the Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, which was created in order to determine the future of the Rikers Island jail facilities and help reform the city’s criminal justice system.