Firm Named a “Litigation Powerhouse” in Inaugural Competition

August 9, 2016
Calling Latham a “global force in the litigation space,” Law360 notes diversified strengths and strategic prowess.

Law360 has recognized Latham & Watkins as a “Litigation Powerhouse” in its inaugural ranking of the top firms for litigation. In a profile story, Law360 noted the firm’s “deft handling of complex litigation matters across a broad range of practice areas,” calling Latham “the turn-to firm” for big-name clients. The publication went on to note that the team “stacked up a notable number of wins throughout various stages of litigation over the past year, whether on a motion to dismiss, actual trial or argument on appeal — a testament to its ability to strategize effectively for clients and mobilize its best team to get the job done.”

Building on the theme that Law360 heard from Latham’s litigators, the publication added: “[Latham’s] success hasn't come off the back of just one practice area, either… Latham has proven its chops across a wide range.” Law360 noted key wins and engagements across antitrust, intellectual property, securities, white collarappellate and general complex commercial litigation matters.