microbiological pipette in the genetic laboratory

Episode 15 — Healthcare Tech: What Legal Pitfalls Should Tech Companies Avoid As They Jump Into Healthcare?

January 13, 2021
New tech entrants in the healthcare market must pay as much attention to legal risk as commercial opportunities.

The US regulators have been particularly focused on new players in the health tech space and the novel regulatory issues their products present within the existing legal framework. While the market is ripe with opportunity for innovative healthcare delivery models, tech companies should proceed with caution and ensure they understand the complex rigors and requirements of US healthcare regulations and enforcement regimes.

In this episode of Connected With Latham, Washington D.C. partner John Manthei, Global Chair of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice, speaks with Terra Reynolds, Global Vice Chair of the firm's Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Group, and David Tolley, Chair of the firm’s Litigation & Trial Department in Boston, about the regulatory risks for tech companies transitioning to healthcare.

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