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Episode 40 — PE Views: Could PE Benefit From the Universal Adoption of “Super Senior” RCFs in Leveraged Financings?

April 28, 2022
Elevating the ranking of undrawn credit lines in PE financing could resolve a current short supply from banks.
Undrawn revolving credit facilities (RCFs) serve as essential parachutes to private equity. They are a backup in the event of mismatches in the working capital cycle, they provide comfort for a rainy day, and they preserve swift access to deal-making when other financing sources are unavailable, or less easily accessible. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly proved the importance of undrawn RCFs to private equity. At the onset of the pandemic, credit markets gummed up and businesses worldwide grappled with evaporating liquidity, while leveraged companies dashed for cash and drew revolving lines.

In this episode of Connected With Latham, London private equity partner Tom Evans speaks to London capital markets partner Francesco Lione on how elevating RCFs to “super senior” status could correct the imbalance between high demand by private equity and short supply by banks.

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