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Episode 14 — Fintech Focus — Crypto in the Crosshairs: What Regulatory Themes Characterized 2020?

January 7, 2021
New regulatory regimes seek to create robust supervision of crypto markets amid increased interest from traditional financial institutions, but numerous questions persist.

Throughout 2020, cryptocurrencies experienced incremental progress towards the mainstream as institutional investors and financial institutions made positive statements about the nascent asset class, an increasing number of jurisdictions sought to establish frameworks to decisively regulate the issuing and trading of cryptocurrencies and, in some markets, regulatory enforcement continued apace. However, questions remain around the regulation of decentralized networks and whether enhanced regulatory regimes will reduce regulatory arbitrage and jurisdiction shopping.

In this episode of Connected With Latham, as part of our “Fintech Focus” series, Hong Kong counsel Simon Hawkins discusses developments in crypto regulation in Europe, the US, and Asia, as well as related trends from 2020 with New York partner Yvette Valdez and London partner Stuart Davis, two leaders in the firm’s Fintech Industry Group.

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