Li, Alex M.

Alex M. Li

Senior Analyst, Intellectual Property and Technology

Dr. Alex M. Li is a senior technical analyst in the Intellectual Property Litigation Practice, providing in-depth technical analysis to help formulate offensive and defensive strategies in complex patent litigation cases.

Dr. Li delivers scientific insight on intellectual property matters involving semiconductor, wireless and optical communication, mobile computing devices, computer networks, computer graphics, computer security, speech recognition, and image processing.

Prior to joining Latham, Dr. Li was an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department of George Washington University and previously conducted technical research at Intel Corporation.

Dr. Li’s work covers various technical aspects of patent litigation matters including formulating offensive and defensive strategies relating to patent infringement and validity, assisting with expert reports, preparing for deposition and trial, and assisting with inter partes review petitions.

Dr. Li has helped various computer hardware, computer software, and semiconductor companies on matters involving 3G/LTE communications, cutting-edge network equipment for cloud computing, real-time speech recognition, and innovative designs in cell phone cameras.

Dr. Li offers clients an extensive background in various aspects of computer hardware design, computer software design, and semiconductor technologies, including high performance microprocessor designs, fault-tolerant systems, operating systems and compilers.

Dr. Li’s experience in intellectual property matters includes advising on technical matters for:

  • A speech recognition technology company in two patent cases involving assertion and defense of 14 patents
  • An image processing R&D company in a patent case involving assertion of eight patents related to face recognition, tracking, and photo adjustment technology used in camera phones
  • A semiconductor R&D company in multiple patent cases involving patents relating to semiconductor manufacturing technologies
  • A cloud-computing network equipment company in an ITC enforcement proceeding, involving successfully redesigned products
  • A computer graphics hardware company in multiple patent cases against a mobile device company involving graphics hardware design
  • A wireless communications R&D company in multiple patent cases against mobile device companies involving 3G/LTE technologies

Thought Leadership

Dr. Li has authored 15 papers published by prominent scientific journals and conferences. He has served as a program committee member and peer reviewer for numerous journals and conferences in the fields of computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2009
  • MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2005
  • BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, 2001
    High Honor