Washington DC, USA - June 11, 2015:  The William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building is home the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) and located in downtown Washington DC, USA.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Leading companies face large and growing risks and opportunities from environmental regulation and related litigation, covering the full gamut from air, water quality, and waste rules affecting all sectors of the economy to approvals needed to bring new pesticides, chemicals, and products to market. 

Leading companies need guidance in navigating high-profile issues at EPA, including how to:

  • Protect and advance their interests in critical rulemakings, environmental permitting and review of major infrastructure projects, as well as how to secure regulatory approvals for chemicals, pesticides, or other products regulated under environmental laws
  • Successfully challenge, or defend, EPA rulemakings or other regulatory actions in the D.C. Circuit or other federal courts
  • Respond to the prospect of an enforcement action under federal environmental laws or to deal with the consequences of a major environmental accident or release

Latham’s Environment, Land & Resources Practice is exceptionally well positioned to help clients achieve successful resolutions on these and similar environmental challenges. Latham has a powerful bench of practitioners, with extensive experience in all of the environmental statutes — Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, TSCA, CERCLA, RCRA, FIFRA, and the ESA — and in every aspect of regulatory practice and litigation. The practice has represented leading companies in scores of major rulemakings, product approvals, and litigation in the D.C. Circuit and other federal courts, as well as secured environmental permits and needed approvals for high-profile projects across the country.