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IPO Playbook

A one-stop resource, with desktop references, guides, articles, and more.

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Considering an IPO? It’s a big decision. Here we provide clear, concise, user-friendly resources in one place as you consider taking your company public.

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The Book of Jargon Series – Word of the Day®

The Book of Jargon® is a series of practice area and industry-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins.


any substance (Bacteria, ProteinVirus or other harmful agent to which an Antibody binds) that causes an immune system to produce Antibodies against such substance.

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a colorless, odorless reactive gas comprising three oxygen atoms that is found naturally in the earth’s stratosphere, where it absorbs the ultraviolet component of incoming solar radiation that could be harmful to life on earth, preventing that radiation from reaching the earth’s surface. Ozone is also found near the earth’s surface, where oxides of nitrogen and Volatile Organic Compounds react in the presence of sunlight to form Ozone.

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Shared Value

a framework that seeks to use business to address societal challenges such as unemployment, Climate Change, and resource scarcity. Shared value can help create profits or new market opportunities while delivering measurable social value.

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French for a slice or a portion, commonly used to describe each time an investment is made in connection with a Financing that has multiple Closings. As an example, if a Series A Financing has three Closings, you could refer to this as a Financing with three Tranches.

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Jantzi Social Index / JSI

a socially screened, market capitalization-weighted index of 50 Canadian companies that satisfy a broad set of ESG criteria. Launched in 2000, the JSI assesses how some Canadian companies engage with the local community, maintain Corporate Governance, manage employee relations, affect the surrounding environment, and impact human rights.

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Featured Resources

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Global Fintech & Digital Assets Blog

Insights and commentary on the latest tech, regulatory, and market trends driving innovation in financial services.

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Global Privacy & Security Compliance Blog

Covering legal developments and controversies involving data protection and privacy issues and practices, transborder data transfers, and data and system security terms and breaches across numerous industry sectors.

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Resources

A collection of Latham insights on legal issues related to NFTs.


Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom – The US Securities Laws: Commentary on the Law and the Lore documents some of the interesting US securities laws questions we have encountered.

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The Latham FPI Guide

Topics of most interest to foreign private issuers and their advisors when engaging in US capital markets transactions.

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Financial Statements Requirements for Non-US Issuers

Guide for non-US issuers to the financial statements required for US securities offerings.