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Container ship carrying Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
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    • February 26, 2015 share view
    • Financial_001
      Exploring the emerging growth debt market.
    • February 19, 2015 share view
    • Architechure_020
      Reviewing EPA’s proposed revisions to the Ozone Ambient Air Quality Standard; the local efforts to ban fracking in California; and the new proposal on considering climate change and greenhouse gas emissions in National Environmental Policy Act review.
    • February 18, 2015 share view
    • Three green leaves
      Addressing the latest GHG reporting developments; Carbon Sequestration Council v. EPA litigation analysis; and an update on the CSAPR litigation.
    • February 17, 2015 share view
    • Internet_Media_001
      Discussing the ongoing legal and policy debate surrounding the Federal Communications Commission’s anticipated adoption of new net neutrality rules.
    • February 05, 2015 share view
    • Oil pumps
      Presenting an overview of M&A transactions in the energy industry during 2014 and emerging themes for 2015.
    • January 28, 2015 share view
    • German Webcasts banner
      Auch 2014 hat es wieder diverse Entwicklungen in Rechtsprechung und Gesetzgebung gegeben, die einen Einfluss auf die Praxis der Hauptversammlungen in 2015 haben können.
    • January 21, 2015 share view
    • Three green leaves
      Reviewing the updates from the Lima Climate Change Summit; the latest in the SO2 Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standards; and CEQ’s newly issued NEPA Guidance on GHGs.
    • January 20, 2015 share view
    • Oil Tank Truck
      Providing an overview of capital markets activity in the energy industry in 2014 and analyze the trends that are likely to continue into 2015.
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